The Introduction Poem

I am a mixed bag of poor poetry, lame one-liners, and abysmal alliteration.

And my rhymes suck.

But I am going to keep it loose like a jellyfish because my only wish is to express myself.

I am going to press myself into your mind like a dried daffodil or an orange rind.

And what you are going to find is that I have a way with words unlike probably anything you’ve ever heard and you are going to think, “Why haven’t I ever seen this girl before?”

And to that I answer, I’ve been on laying my bedroom floor trying to explore the processes of complex, instead of working on my projects and at this point, I’ve already begun working on how to conceptualize your eyes and explain how I didn’t know God made colors that beautiful.

 Oh, and as usual, I’ve also been wondering how you always keep sauntering into my poems without permission. I don’t know if that was your mission, but I am accepting it because you’ve become a part of it and there is no back up the hard drive, restarting it because I am already gone.

My tongue is a Ferrari 288 GTO and the faster I talk the more you know that I am a girl just trying to figure out what this is about and I am not about to give up on my eclectic dreams so I can settle down, shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and buy things from infomercials on TV.

If you haven’t heard yet, then maybe you’ve seen.

I am a mixed bag of never peaking passion, littering love, and sometimes obscene assumptions.

And my rhymes still suck.

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