The Lord is my Banner and this is my battle cry. 

I am not attention-craving.

I am not needy.

I am not broken beyond repair.

I am not hopeless.

I am not undesirable.

I am not unimportant.

I am not my feelings.

I am not defective.

I do not hate myself.

I do not have to feel shameful.

I do not have to hold myself to an unreached self-set standard of perfection.

I do not need to despair.

I will not turn in anger against myself or God.

I will not hold grudges against people who have let me down by not reaching my expectations.

I will not withdrawal from others as a means to protect myself.

I will not dwell on the past to prolong my feelings.

I will not hold on to the feeling that I am misunderstood by others.

I will not think self-sabotaging thoughts or do self-sabotaging things.

I will open myself to the world and the people in it.

I will delight in the goodness of my life; my family, my friends, myself.

I will affirm that God is working in my life.

I will affirm that God adores me and is providing for me even now.

I will affirm that I make beautiful things through the talents God has given me.

I will love myself and treat myself gently. 

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