I am Ella and I am not finished here.

(She/Her pronouns)

I have a hormonal disorder called poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. The disorder has handful of symptoms such as rupturing ovarian cysts and infertility. It can also cause abnormal hair growth and as a result of my pcos, I can grow a bit of a lady beard. I have changed my perception of so many other things about my body that I used to consider flaws (stretch marks, cellulite, etc), but my facial hair is still something that can bring me to my knees in big, frustrated, hopeless tears. I am seeking to love this part of me, even though it is very, very difficult most day. I know people are prone to double-takes and staring if I forget to shave, but I hope if/when they are gazing at me intently, they will see past something culturally unusual to see me and a confidence trying to grow. 

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